Monday, October 20, 2008

More American Than Most of You

This message goes out to both parties.

I can’t take it anymore. I want to know when I am going to be considered a “real American”. I have been listening to the ass kissing of “Main Street” and “red states” and all the other buzzwords for what these people think is real America. I hereby declare that based on their criteria someone needs to hold a rally in the Lower Ninth Ward.

My grandfather was a World War II veteran. He was in the U.S. Navy just like John McCain. After the war, he bought some land and built his own home. Here is a man that was working at the age of nine to take care of himself. He raised five kids. One of them was a nurse. One worked in the school cafeteria. One was a chef. The other two ran their own business. A few of them went to college. Not only that, all of them was married to the mothers or fathers of their children. They also all owned their own homes. After Katrina destroyed the ones they had they went other places and bought others instead of waiting for a handout.

My dad is a Vietnam veteran just like John McCain. He’s also a college graduate. So is my mom. They owned their own home and raised their five children. For over 25 years my dad was self employed and paid his taxes. My grandmother owned the house next door. She was a teenage mom with two kids. She could have relied on the government forever and kept generations of her family in the St. Bernard project. Instead she worked as a maid and bought her own home. Her two daughters both went to school and got married to their children’s fathers as well.

My family also contains a pastor, teachers, firemen, government employees and all kinds of other hard working professions. Going by the crap I see in the news everyday, I have the most American family you could have. We might represent American values more than most. Why isn’t anyone talking about how Cliff the Contractor is living in Memphis now because his neighborhood was destroyed? What about Walter the WWII veteran who was married for 69 years and left this world thinking his wife was comfortable only to have her house blow away? What about Geraldine the Housekeeper who paid the ultimate price because of her government failures? They are just as American if not more than Joe the Plumbers lying ass but he’s getting all this publicity because Barack rolled up to his house. He should have been rolling up St. Claude St. a time or two since this campaign started but I guess he can’t do that because the only way mainstream America will think he’s acceptable is if he acts like they are more American than my All American family. I guess we don’t matter because MSNBC already has our state in the red column. Maybe our hair is too kinky or our New Orleans accent is so thick it minimizes the true depth of our integrity.


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

email me folk, im from memphis - my folk will take care of u jones

Anonymous said...

I think your dad should have run for president!

mominem said...

Cliff speaks the truth again.

Bayou Belle said...

All these political candidates think they know us all. Your mainstreet and so am I. You live in 9th ward. I live on the northshore. You and I share a similar age, profession and very similar family backgrounds. You are from here (red state - at least this election). I am from Ohio (traditionally a blue state). You're black. I'm white. You're male. I'm female. Your voting Obama. I'm voting McCain.

They really don't know us. No one is asking my opinion. They asking yours?

They like to put us all in nice little categories by age, gender, race, income levels, occupations, etc. I think its all bull crap. And especially this election. All that gets thrown right out the door. People are jumping parties lines left and right. (No pun intended.)

Let's just be glad we can vote the way we want and hope that the electoral college actually votes based the way they are supposed too.

Another Conflict Theorist said...


Come on now, Cliff. You know the code words by now. "Urban" is black. "Hard working," "Blue Collar," "Rural," and "Real American" are white. This despite the fact that we've defended America in every single war since the inception of this country.

Good post.