Monday, March 24, 2008

Much Respect for the Chicken Man

I would not be a good New Orleans blogger if I didn't pay respects to the one and only Al Copeland, the founder of Popeyes chicken. Like Harry Lee, I don't know if any other city could have created a dude like Al. One of the best guilty pleasures in the world is a three piece spicy dinner from Popeyes with a pineapple Big Shot cold drink.

Remember when Al Copeland but those Christmas lights on his house and people would drive pass all night like a tourist attraction? I remember back in the day when my boys used to say Al Copeland had the speedboat that could make it to Cuba in 30 minutes. My first real date was at Copeland's Restaurant on St. Charles Avenue.

Who could forget the Popeye and Pals cartoon show on Channel 4 growing up. "One Two Three Roll em!!!!"

In the last few years the city has lost Al Copeland, Buddy D, Harry Lee, Tootie Montana and Austin Leslie. If you add Krauss, and Masion Blanche being closed, we are slowly becoming a city full of regular people and regular places. We need to start running old Seafood City commercials or something.


Anonymous said...

Popeyes probably ranks as the second most consumed item during Mardi Gras after beer, and before King Cake. Now that is an accomplishment. His memory will be honored every Mardi Gras by the trail of red and white boxes that litter any parade route.

He certainly lent some color and flavor to the place...I still miss the black lava rock and red roofs.

Anonymous said...

This city will never be filled with regular folks as long as we who live here just be ourselves.

Not So Old Soldier said...

You took me back with the 1,2,3 roll 'em. I almost flashed back to my mom coming down the hall with that bag of beeds and tin foil to braid my hair.

504QueenDeeva said...

Wow! I didn't know Al died! Being way up here in VA...all I hear is Richmond news.....Ima have to log on to keep updated.....It's good to have awesome guys like Clif to stayed informed......Bless you...

RIP Al.......I guess there won't be t-shirts or a second-line......LOL