Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Too Busy For Blogging.....

Sometimes professional people have meetings, conferences and trainings to attend. Other times you just get lazy and don’t feel like typing. That will explain my absence from posting to this blog. For the rest of the week I will either be extremely busy, trying not to fall asleep during a presentation, or watching the NFL draft. I won’t even mention the NBA playoffs. This post will have to cover everything. There are five things I learned the last week and a half.

1. Punk ass cowards always want to hurt people and then kill themselves like that dude at Virginia Tech. If you were that pissed you should have stayed alive and faced the work.
2. I love my sisters but it’s very unprofessional to come to a business meeting with some dude’s teeth marks on your neck.
3. Dirk Nowitzki is the most overrated basketball player in the NBA. He is going to single handedly get my homeboy Avery Johnson fired.
4. Never assume that someone will conduct themselves like you do just because you have the same DNA.
5. The “No Snitching” feature on 60 Minutes was a allot worse and more harmful to the future of black people than anything said by Don Imus.

On April 28 there is a march across the Industrial Canal to the Lower Ninth Ward in order to “Reclaim our Land”. I’m all for protest but the people already have the land. We need the damn money. The funniest thing I have heard in a long time is the Road Home commercials on the radio. Apparently, they found the only black dude in the city of New Orleans to actually receive his check. I won’t even mention the commercials about the school system.

Speaking of the New Orleans school system….In August it will be two years since Katrina. If the state hasn’t broken ground on at least one new school facility in the city, I think it will be ok to take up arms and declare ourselves and independent state. We can hold the Superdome hostage for ransom. How in the held are we 600 teachers short when we fired thousands of teachers without a thought? That tells me that they had no plans on any of these kids coming back.

I think the turning point for the city will come when the white people of the city admit out loud that they are having to suffer because they made the choice to live in the parish associated with all these black people. We can fight for things as one New Orleans after that. As the days go by and the money sits in Washington and Baton Rouge, I think it’s time to start asking the question that if the 17th St. Canal broke on the other side would things be taking this long. Lakeview isn’t that far away from the St. Bernard Project. If things were going slow to frustrate that Seventh Ward community from coming back then you would have to wait to. I think white people inside the city take some of those racism claims too personal. You can’t deny the facts no matter what color you are. The Superdome is damn near brand new inside and it was top priority. I passed Barbara Jordan Elementary School yesterday and they just started taking the damage furniture out this week.

Someone in OPEC or Exxon/Mobil has the direct line to a higher power. How else could you explain that at the exact time the weather gets so hot that you have to run the air conditioner in your car gas goes up about seventy five cents a gallon. No human can guess at this so accurately without help.

I have some good news. If three more houses are torn down in certain spots, I will be able to sit on my car in my driveway and actually look right into Club 7140. I will be able to check out the club scene without getting dressed. It will be just like living across the street from the barroom like I did in high school.

I would like to officially start the movement to boycott the Disney corporation. Every weekend they run hundreds of commercials full of kids and their parents have a blast at one of their theme parks. Everybody looks so happy but they never show the next six months with mom and dad are getting second jobs because it took two hundred dollars just to buy a weeks worth of hamburgers and fries. You try explaining to a three year old that it will take years of saving the nickels and pennies she finds in your car before she can get to Disney World with that method. It’s time to set some traps for Mickey’s ass.

Props to the Jazz and Heritage Festival for giving Ed Bradley a tradition New Orleans Jazz Funeral.

Peace to the Virginia Tech students that are going back to class.

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