Monday, March 12, 2007

Spy In The Building!!

For almost a year now I have been waiting to hire someone to work with me. I have given at least five resumes to my director with all different levels of education and qualifications. Lately I have been pushing him to advertise for it again because I am tired of working alone and some of the things I want to do will require more than one person. You have to be careful what you wish for.
This morning he tells me he wants me to meet someone he interviewed. That was confusing because I was here all last week and I didn't see any ads or candidates. The person is the other new director's boyfriend that moved from Florida with her. How am I supposed to be honest about how I feel about him if he already knows all of upper management? That explains why she paraded him around last week on a tour of this raggedy office. My director says he likes him, and it's the other one's boyfriend so why even go through the fake process of my interview? Just hire the sumbitch and don't patronize me acting like I have a say so. I don't know the man personally. He might be a good guy. We just have one major issue. HE KNOCKS BOOTS WITH A MEMBER OF UPPER MANAGEMENT!!! Have you ever worked at a job with someone who was sleeping with or closely related to upper management? They are basically untouchable. Plus, do you know how much information you can get from a man after sex? What's to stop him from telling her everything going on in our department? One of the beauties of my job is that no one here besides my director really knows exactly what I do. Now he is bringing his ass in here to let out all the secrets. Plus, we couldn't find anyone from New Orleans trying to come home to give a job to? He's not even that qualified. I am not above planting a nickel bag of weed and a switchblade in his desk if he comes in here tripping.


Anonymous said...

I know it all too well, Cliff. Two levels above me is a morass of nepotism, bootyism and incompetence. And you can't even roll your eyes.

Clifton said...

I'm telling you. The minute he sits down for his first day this entire department is going to go into shut down mode. No one is going to talk.