Monday, March 12, 2007

Let There Be Light

If there are any people reading this blog that are planning to visit the city of New Orleans I have a request. See, the ratio of importance our local government puts on things that locals want in relation to things tourist like to do is about ten to one. For example, we don’t have a midnight to 5AM curfew to help with crime in the city because people like to go to the French Quarter and get pissy drunk until 4AM. That’s why I need all the tourist to call their travel agents and the hotels and start demanding that you be able to go fishing or hang out on the lake after dark so the city can turn the lights on. Every evening around sundown the Lakefront police come out and put the damn barricades up and the lake becomes pitch black. I think after all we have had to put up with before, during and after the storm, the least we could get is some lights so the old people can catch some catfish and I can sit on a bench, enjoy a nice cigar and a drink while dodging mosquitoes. That’s one of my favorite parts about living here even if some of the lake was sitting in my living room. So please tourists, let’s start getting those buses out to Lakeshore Dr. If bus tours could get the Lower Ninth Ward cleaned up some then I am sure a few daily trips after hours can get the lights at the lakefront turned on. On behalf of all the late night fisherman and young people with nowhere else to chill, I thank you in advance for your help.

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