Monday, March 19, 2007

I know the NOLA bloggers are about to jump all on Ray Nagin for the story in the Times Picayune and The Washington Post. If the mayor says something that has meaning to what's going on down here I will be all on his ass. Before I jump on him for this latest foot in the mouth episode I need to ask myself a few things. If Ray Nagin denounces the fact is a black man before the mayor and apologizes for anything he might have said that was influenced by his color, would that make ICF suddenly issue half of the Road Home checks they are still processing? Will it make the BESE board get their act together and find a way to get the school kids of New Orleans a decent education like most of the surrounding parishes? Will muting Ray Nagin for the rest of his term erase 40 years of race and class bias that has led to 80% of the city's problems which were already in motion before I was even born? If we impeached him, would the Corps of Engineers be so elated we got Cat-5 levee protection and new pumps that actually worked? The answer to all those questions is NO. If someone can send me reasons why Ray's big mouth caused my life to change forever I will be the first one at City Hall tomorrow. If you can't then go gut a house or something. We have to much to do to worry about every word this man says.

Did you ever think these newspapers keep printing this stuff to take attention away from the injustice down here?

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