Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some New Orleans Stuff

Everyone has to go read this ad on that I read from my homegirl G's Page. It's pretty clear that if you don't have enough money or enough luck to get your child into a private school or a charter school you might as well quit your job and just go sit in the classroom."Certified teachers will teach in charter schools, and teachers who want an alternate route to certification will teach in the state-run Recovery School District." What the hell is an alternate route? You can't be practicing on kids when they need to learn now! There could be anyone in there doing all kinds of shit with the lesson plan.

The Corp of Engineers installed faulty pumps at the 17th St. Canal and they knew they were faulty. There is nothing I can say about this story and the Corps without being investigated by some national security agency. After seeing the way they have handled this whole thing with the levees and pumps, nothing going on in Iraq surprises me. Can we just let the Dutch build our levee and send Bush a bill? Living here was much more easier to stomach when we only got messed over by each other. Between ICF, the Corps, and out of state contractors I am ready for a revolution. It’s a good thing the college kids come down here and restore my faith in mankind.

How come we never see any African American groups coming to help us like the white kids on their spring break? That kills the whole racism angle. If they are some black groups here I never see them.

I’m on the fence about this whole Section 8 housing in New Orleans East. We need housing desperately and the East has allot of space. On the other hand, there are thousands of middle class people spending good money to pay for their homes. We are the only section of the metro area with that kind of home ownership base that has to fight against people putting low income housing right next door. You don’t want to spend 200,000 dollars on a house and have someone next door with that project mentality. New Orleans has a lot of space for ghettos. You never see anyone that lives on Broadway, or Nashville St. concerned about low income housing next to their home. That’s why they overprice everything in that area.

Terry Burton was shot and killed by the National Guard in the 2100 block of Benton St in the Lower Ninth Ward. For fifty plus years Terry and his family lived across the street from mine’s in the same block he was killed in. Anybody from that area of the Lower Ninth ward would know him as the dude that walked around with all the dogs. All he did was smile and wave. He had never left his house since the storm. I would like to officially add his name to the victims of the storm list. You can read about his post Katrina experience by clicking this link. I never thought there would be a tragedy during my lifetime that would be this personal.

I would like to dedicate this blog to Sister Patricia Berryhill and Sister Alice Craft-Kerney for opening and running the Lower Ninth Ward Medical clinic at 5228 St. Claude St. Number one, it takes a lot of good to sacrifice your personal space for the benefit of the community. The clinic is in Ms. Berryhill's home. Number two, when everyone else was grieving, or having reservations about what to do, these sisters came home and made it happen. Nmber three, I grew up in the 5400 block of St. Claude St and we used to play football in the vacant lot right next to her house. I don't think she was living there when the church people used to call the police because we were burning ant piles out of the grass. You sisters need a medal from the president or an NAACP award or something.

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