Wednesday, June 1, 2005


Well, the teen years weren't so bad. That was the era of allot of
first; the first time I shaved, the first time I kissed a girl and so
on. I guess the only part about growing up a teen in the late 80's and
90's was watching allot of my friends fall to drugs and crime at a
young age. That was not cool at all. At least, I was able to stay clear
of that. I credit two reasons. One reason was the fact I love women and
eating too much to ever go to prison. The other reason is the total
fear of the wrath of my parents if I called them from jail.

Favorite Songs: Baby I'm Ready - Gerald Levert, Everybody Get Up-Salt and Pepa, Untouchable -Above the Law, Anything by NWA, Written all over your face-Rude Boys

Favorite TV Shows: Wrestling, In Livin Color, Apollo, and any program that showed a 2 Live Crew video.

Heroes : Daddy, Mama, Ice Cube, Rakim, Chuck D, Farrakhan

Favorite Activities: Basketball, Hip Hop, writing plans to build a new black nation, trying to find any girl who thought I was cute

Best Moment : Any family crabbing trip because there were no bad ones and June 13 1991......

Worst Moment: Seeing my homie Ryan get stabbed in the middle of Rampart St. and St. Claude CT. It would have been the worst moment of my life because I thought he was dead. At least we got to laugh about it 7 years later over a Jack and coke.

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