Friday, June 17, 2005

Should have been Platinum, Hip Hop Classics that Didn't Sell

The hip hop industry is a strange genre of music. Most of the best music does not make any money. It has basically turned into a situation where anything with Eminem, Nelly, G-Unit and Jay Z appearing will sell regardless of how it sounds. Lots of classic material falls through the cracks and no one gets to appreciate it. Actually, allot of the times it's better music than the popular songs but no one pays attention. In honor of that argument, here are the best hip hop albums that I ever owned that didn't make enough money for the quality of the material.

Krs One - Return of the Boom Bap, 1993: My Philosphy and Still Number One are my all time Krs One favorites but from top to bottom, Return of the Boom Bap was his best album from start to finish. There are no filler songs and no guest appearances. It's just Krs One ripping the mic. This album got lost in the G Funk era and nobody paid attention to how good it was. Dj Premier and Kid Capri on production set it off. If you find a copy of this CD, check out the song Uh Oh. He could perform this song in 2005 and it would still have the same meaning and hit you the same way.

Common - Like Water for Chocolate, 1997: I still own Resurrection and that's the bomb but for me this is Common's best CD. I guess it came along at a time when I was maturing and getting tired of all the gangsta stuff. It's best listened to straight through without any fast foward. It seems to flow it's best that way. This CD was released right around the Puff Daddy, shiny suit era so not enough people were feeling it at the time. The songs to check out on this CD is Payback is a Grandmother and Assata's Song.

Trendz of Culture - Trendz, 1993:
This is just my opinion but if the hip hop community was half as smart and up on things as they say they are this album would have at least went gold and possibly platinum. I still own this one too. We have another selection that should be played from beginning to end without any fast fowarding. Most of this music from 93 was lost in the G Funk and gangsta stuff so it never got any press. Check out Who Got My Back and Old Habits.

Brand Nubian - All for One, 1990: This is a top five album in my opinion. I am a Grand Puba and Brand Nubian fan. Every song on this album is dope and the lyrics are on point. One of the best Grand Puba songs appears on this CD and one of the best and most positive hip hop songs ever appears on this CD as well. If you dig this type of music check for the songs Step to the Rear and Wake Up (Reprise in the Sunshine)

Gangstarr - Moment of Truth, 1998: Out of all the Gangstarr albums this was my favorite. Just a solid effort all the way around. Another one of those CD's that needs to be listened to from beginning to end without interuption. Royalty, Above the Clouds and The Militia featuring the legendary Bumpy Knuckles are my favorites. Guru and Premier should have really been bigger mainstream stars.

Brand Nubian - In God We Trust, 1993: Another G Funk era casualty that might have not been everybody's cup of tea. I gave it a 9.5 out of 10 in my opinion. This entire CD was great especially Love Me or Leave me Alone and Steal Ya Hoe. Brand Nubian have not sold enough records to match their talent.

Odd Squad - Fadanuf Fa Erybody, 1994: This CD was country and ignorant but it was good. FaSho is a classic song in my book and if someone from New York or LA would have recorded that song it would have blew up in my opinion. Also check for Here to Say a Lil Somethin and Coughee.

Bumpy Knuckles - Industry Shakedown, 2000: The fact that this album did not go platinum is proof that the majority of hip hop sales go to people who have actually no idea what real material is supposed to sound like. I actually bought this CD just to finish off a special at the record store and this is the only thing I listened to in the car for about 3 months. Is there a more underrated under appreciated mc in the history of hip hop than Freddie Foxx aka Bumpy Knuckles? There is no way cats like Nelly and Bow Wow are supposed to be on MTV Cribs while Bumpy is out here grinding. You have to give him credit for not being so angry that he made a few dis tracks and destroyed 20 careers and a large percentage of the hip hop mainstream. Part of My Life, Tell em I'm Here and R.N.S. are the best songs but don't sleep on any of this CD.

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