Thursday, June 30, 2005

Mind Blowing Volume 12 Part II

Now back to regular scheduled opinions........

"With the fourth pick in the 2005 NBA Daft, the New Orleans Hornets select Chris Paul from Wake Forest University!!"

  • That was music to my ears when I heard David Stern say them. I'm glad everthing worked out in the top three so we got the best fit for our team. This pick cannot go wrong. We got the right kid with the game and personality for this city.

  • Normally I would be pumped up to see Venus Williams beat Sharapova today in straight sets at Wimbledon. This is laying the foundation for Serena Williams to start working out and destroying everybody at the US Open. Richard Williams is a genius. Instead of defending his girls, he has been dissing their games publicly and has tapped into their willingness to please their daddy. Everyone on the tour should be afraid.

  • After listening to Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush this week, I now realize that in five years we will have a military draft in this country. There is no way we can stay in Iraq as long as we will need to and not expect another country like Syria, or North Korea (the other countries in the Axis of Evil) to start tripping. The most fascinating part about the whole thing is that whenever they make a speech on a base, or visit the troops they find the most gung-ho, Rambo wannabes to make statements afterwards like all the troops think being Iraq is a cool thing. All the cats I know over there can't wait to come home.

  • It's Essence Festival weekend in New Orleans. We are ready for good music, good food, increased prices on hotel rooms, increased cover charges at clubs, hundreds of cars getting towed away without any posted signs, more parking tickets being written than any other event and a bunch other moves that prove New Orleans is the most predujice city in the world even though 85% of the population is black. Lets just hope no one gets killed at Razoos because he has on the wrong shirt.

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