Monday, June 20, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 11

A jury in Mississippi convicted Edgar Ray Killen of manslaughter in the death of two civil rights workers in 1964. He is 80 and sick. Basically, he has lived a nice long life and that wipes out any form of justice this verdict carries. The only thing I could see to make everybody feel better would be to give the family of the victims 10 minutes each alone with him in his cell. Then force his eyes open and put on Good Times 10 hours a day. Other than that this verdict is only symbolic. It always amazes me how long it takes them to solve a crime done against black people. Emmitt Till's body was just dug up to look for more evidence. If what happen to Emmitt happened to today, and he happened to be white and the assailants black, they would incarcerate every black man in Mississippi. Imagine what they would have done in 1955. There's a double standard in this country. It took 41 years to bring Mr. Killen to justice. God bless America.

You know how special America can be sometimes. Saddam Hussein was supposed to be the number one threat to the country and the most evil man in world. According to this article, he is living better than most tax paying citizens while awaiting trial. It was reported today that the US is delaying his testimony. I hope so Saddam gets up on the stand and tells of all the weapons he had purchased from the CIA when he was fighting Iran and how much money he has made from making secret deals with American oil companies.

Who in the hell gave Bobby Brown a reality show? The show is titled Bobby Brown show but you know everybody is going to be watching for Whitney. I hope she put on a few pounds and got that skin fixed up before the cameras started rolling. This show might be as bad for her as the Michael Jackson interview when he was spooning with that little boy was. I can't wait to see it.

Did the Runaway Bride just get a TV deal and half a mil for her story? Is her fiance still with her? This was one of the biggest hustles in American History. You make the entire nation go out looking for you while stereotyping the Latin American brothers and what do you get? You get rich and get to keep your man.

The best part about the final was this excellent article from Scoop Jackson on ESPN.Com about Ben Wallace. The problem with this series has nothing to do with the players. I like how both of these teams play. The problem is Larry Brown, Phil Jackson, and the refs. They have all taken away from this series with either their own agenda or bad calls. Game 5 was close because that was the first evenly called game during the finals. Both teams were on even ground and it came down to one shot. Lets see what happens tonight when the Pistons start playing project defense again since they are facing elimination. David Stern and his people need to go talk to Paul Tagliabue at the NFL office to find out how to handle his teams and media relations. There is no way that Phil Jackson would have did all those interviews and press conferences during the NFL playoffs. They just wouldn't have it. The entire focus should have been on the playoffs. It shouldn't have been Phil and Kobe, Shaq, Larry Brown or anybody else. You are basically telling the fans that what's going on in other places is just as or more as important as the game.

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