Monday, June 13, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 10

Well I am 31 now and the birthday was cool. You can tell when a brother's getting older when a birthday card can make you cry. That was the best birthday I have had as an adult with absolutely no money in my pocket. I can get back to talking about other things that are on my mind again.

Fear of chicken pox brought me and my daughter to the clinic this morning and for the first time since I have been taking her, there was more than two fathers in the building. Today was an all time high with a whopping total of six! That might not seem like allot to some people but here in New Orleans where men seem to be walking meaninglessly through life that is pretty good. If we could just multiply that five by 20,000 we will be alright.

Mike Tyson quit in the middle of a fight Saturday night against a guy who have needed medical attention if he fought Mike in his prime. Now, I don't feel sorry for Mike for blowing all his money and waisting his oppurtunity. Saturday night I was happy for him. The reason why I was happy was because he finally has perspective on his life. As an adult, the only way to grow is to review the past and see how others have effected you and how you have done things to yourself in order to learn. If he never would have realized that he needs to take responsiblity for what has happened to him then he would be on the verge of killing somebody by now.

In the last three weeks about 4 people have been shot locally by the police. None of these brothers were unarmed. Fellas, you've been watching too much TV. You can't win that battle no matter how bad you think you are. Just get out of the car and live to see what the jury might say. Stop making law enforcement officers paranoid. Someone innocent is going to get shot because of a wrong move due to all this.

Nothing gets your week off to a good start like a conversation so funny that when you laugh it feels like you are about to have a stroke. That subject will make you laugh all week. This is dedicated to the Davids and for the dudes dancing on the lake Sunday.

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