Sunday, January 9, 2005

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

It's Sunday and I usually don't sit around on the weekend and write anything. Since I have no money, transportation, or plans, I am going to sit here and catch up on something that have been in the news and how I feel about them. There's no Saint's football and my mind is clearer due to the fact that I haven't had any hard liquor this week. I feel a little energize and refreshed now. If I can only get this jeep running, everything will be fine. Here is my news in review for last week.

Rest in Peace Buddy D.........Saint's game Sundays will never be the same for the fans. I am going to miss you because you refused to be happy with their mediocrity. You loved what you did and was as New Orleans as it gets.

Louisiana lost 6 soldiers in one blast Thursday. Man, I hate this war. I just can't believe we are dying right now to convince these people that they should be happy we are there. I still say we should have just went and took the place over. Everything would have been done by now and most of these troops would be safe and at home already.

I'm sorry Buddy D. has past away because the fact that
Jim Haslett is still the Saints' coach and is working on an extension might have killed him on air. I guess four years in a row of being underachievers is worth a few more million to Mr. Benson. How did he ever become a millionaire making decisions like this.

I was going to write an entire column on this Razoos murder but I changed my mind. Somebody made me realize my viewpoint at first wasn't right. The biggest question I have is when did Razoos get a dress code? There are people walking into Razoos with slippers and tshirts on. Those young brothers didn't look under dressed for that place to me. Why do we give bouncers all that authority anyway. Who gave them the right to just stomp on people outside the club. Once you are on the sidewalk, their authority stops. We need to look into the rules on how club security in this city is enforced. New Orleans can not afford to have people looking at their biggest tourist draw as a racist area. Mayor Nagin, Cheif Compass, Eddie Jordan and the other city leaders need to come out on this and come down on Razoos to put out the fire before it gets any bigger than it is already. We don't need Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson standing on Bourbon and St. Ann protesting. Let's do the right thing and correct this situation without any outside help.

Hornets Win! Hornets Win!........About damn time. This might seem strange but I have never been so excited about a 3-29 team before. We are moving in the right direction despite what the record says. The healthier we get, the better we are playing.

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