Sunday, January 9, 2005

Five in the Jukebox

I actually think I have enough songs I like to do a top five with no theme tied to it. Here are the top songs for me last week. The top five includes a kid I personally don't like but this song has grown on me.

1. Truth is - Fantasia

2. Let me Love You - Mario......I'm ashamed to admit I like this song.

3. One Million Times - Gerald Levert

4. Be with Me - Terrell

5. Some Cut - Trillville ..........It's all Erica's fault that I like this stupid song.

Quick Music Question : If Nelly makes a song with Tim Mcgaw, shouldn't he be banned from hip hop or something? How can this be accepted? 15 years ago, his career would have been over after something like this. Hip hop is becoming the jazz of the new generation. They are stealing it from us. Don't be surprise when the #1 rap album is the Toby Keith/Ja Rule duet album. We need a return to the real stuff as soon as possible.

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