Monday, January 3, 2005

No Playoffs But At Least we Died Hard

I would like to commend the team for the way they played today and the last three weeks. At least they showed a little fight and some pride going into the offseason. However, here's the problem. If the same Saints team that showed up today would have shown up for 16 weeks, they would easily have 10 wins maybe more. Going into next year, I am still just as confused about this team as I was three years ago. It's really frustrating to know that we could beat any of those teams in the playoffs yet will be sitting at home.

This has not been a great year for football in Louisiana. After the Iowa miracle pass, I just knew that the Vikings and Rams were going to mess it up. It can never be a good year when Saban leaves and Haslett stays. Well, at least I can watch ESPN again and not hear about how dangerous the Panthers are. I need some kind of moral victory.

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