Friday, January 28, 2005

My Top Ten MC's

It's late at night and I am bored. Since I have nothing to do and no beer to drink, I thought I would sit here and give my top ten MC's of all time. I already did the Top Ten Albums and the Top Ten Songs. This list I am doing tonight is just based on skills, and charisma. The MC's listed do not necessarily need to have a hit record to appear on this list. I can say ahead of time that Nelly, Chingy, Lil Bow Wow, Hammer, Ja Rule, Foxy Brown, Baby, Petey Pablo, Master P, Da Brat, Camron, Silk the Shocker, Jermaine Dupri or any of the G Unit will not appear.

1. Rakim - You have to make him number one when you consider that every MC for the past 16 years has taken some part of his style and incorporated it into what they do. He could have made one album and still been in the top five.

2. Tupac - I'm giving Pac the second slot behind Rakim because he would do that himself. There are lots of guys that had more creative lyrics but nobody has or may ever have the amount of energy come through the microphone like this dude. If he only would have recognized his true place and stayed out of trouble, the entire culture would be different.

3. Notorious B.I.G. - It's a shame he got caught up with P. Diddy and got caught up in the East/West beef. I don't think we saw the best he could have done. Fine some underground recordings and you can hear his true passion for the mic.

4. KRS One - I know I put him after Biggie. He gets number four because Biggie had a little more charisma than he did. It really could have been a tie.

5. Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship) - I know he has never had a big hit. Most people don't know who he or Freestyle Fellowship is. The guy puts words and ideas together like nobody.

6. NAS - I like the direction he is going in now. Had a few CD's where he didn't have an identity but the lyrics were still good. He is growing with his audience.

7. Freddie Foxx - I love Bumpy Knuckles. Freddie will never be a huge artist. He is just too scary. I know one thing about Freddie. None of those platinum selling MC's will never have him do a guest spot on their record. He will totally steal the show.

8. Common - He got a little strange with his last album but lyrically there isn't too many people that can touch him.

9. Ice Cube - I debated about where he should be for a few minutes. He may be my favorite rapper of all time. I don't know if he still has the energy to get the job done on the mic.

10.Posdonus (De La Soul) - As I get older, I'm getting more into MC's that grow with their audience. De La Soul has done that and Pos is the far better of the two members.

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Anonymous said...

ERIC said.
I'm glad to see Rakim at number 1! As far as rappers go, there's Rakim, and then there's everyone else. They're ranked of course but Rakim stands alone from a lyrical/rapping standpoint.