Monday, January 17, 2005

It's Monday and although it's technically still the weekend that won't stop me from doing my usual week in review of the world as I see it.

It is absolutely unbelievable to me that an administration can make a decision to go to war based on false evidence, change the reason for the war 5 times, still not have the place under control and get rewarded for four more years. Why should the president listen to any criticize about the war when he just won re-election by the largest margin in 20 years. It is absolutely terrible that there were no weapons of mass destruction. Not even one bomb and nobody seems to remember that is the reason we went in the first place. This war was for his own agenda and nothing will make me believe otherwise. What are those 53 million Americans that voted for Bush going to think when there is a civil war in Iraq about 3 months after the elections and our troops are there for 5 more years. You guys must have really been worried about gay people and Janet Jackson's breast to put up with this kind of mismanagement.

Armstrong Williams received two hundred forty thousand dollars to promote No Child Left Behind. I guess Fox news got about two billion by now.

I am convinced that the state has some inside information that the NFL doesn't want to move the team. That's the only reason I can see that Tom Benson and the NFL would spend 40 million of their own money to fix a 30 year old state owned building when they can get 800 million and a new stadium from LA. The funny part is when she said she could have been spending her time working on other things like healthcare, and education. I'm sure she didn't spend all her time preparing that proposal. If she did, I have no faith in the future of healthcare and education in Louisiana.

The other question is even if the Saints were not playing in the dome, it would still be used year round for all kinds of events that generate money for the state. Are we ever going to put any funds into the building or just let the damn thing wear down and become unattractive to visitors? It's not the most pleasant place to attend an event now. If you are over 200 lbs you damn near have to squeeze into your seat and sit on top of the person next to you and I won't even mention the steps and that ramp. It's one thing to not build a new stadium for a professional team. There's no excuse for not having a fund or revenue stream designed to improve and enhance public buildings in the state. That's something that should have been state law 50 years ago.

Sometimes you have to go back and admit your mistakes. I urged everyone to pull behind the team to make the playoffs. What happened? Jim Haslett got a contract extension, the price of my season tickets went up 300.00 and Venturi might be coming back. All of this happened and they didn't even make it. That 4-12 record with a top ten pick doesn't look so bad now. I hate football sometimes.


After the young brother got killed at Razoos, I said that the mayor, police chief and city council should have jumped on top of this from the beginning and put an end to it. They didn't. Now, the SCLC is threatening to call a boycott of the city. That's just what we need. A boycott of the city in an industry that black people depend on for income. Boycotting New Orleans will do nothing to hurt the owners of the clubs on Bourbon, the bouncers, or anybody else other than the poor brothers in the kitchens and the hotel workers that need that money. Go ahead and boycott and punish other black people. What is wrong with Ray Nagin and our city council. I don't know if the death of that man was racial or not. I do however know that a incident like this can really harm the image of a city that depends on visitors more than anything else. It's really stupid that a city with a 85% black population and black people in almost every position of power can have something like this happen and need outside organizations step in to demand justice. You all look like puppets for the real people with power in this city. If you want to know where the real power lies, watch the Rex and Comus Mardi Gras ball and see all those people in the masks. That's who has the real power in this area.

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