Monday, January 24, 2005

Good Morning,
I don't have any lead in to catch your attention so lets just get into what happen last week. I can't remember too much about last week anyway so I will just touch on two things for now. It was a long weekend.

George W. Bush was sworn in again as president of the United States. He vowed to spread democracy to the darkest ends of the earth and end tyranny. If I am a 16 year old kid listening to that on TV, I am asking my parents to get me a passport in case I have to move to Canada to escape the draft. If all of his democracy missions go like Iraq, we could be in trouble. That's what the majority wanted so no one can argue with anything he does. It's dangerous when you have a president that believes he can change history and his family's legacy. The serious part of it is that he is not doing anything he truly doesn't believe is right.

Patriots and Eagles made the Superbowl. In the age of free agency and parity, it still holds true that the best teams usually win and that's what happened. Pittsburgh is good, but you don't send a rookie quarterback out to battle against Tom Brady and Belichek. You really can't send anybody against them right now. They are as close to the old 49ers as anybody.

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