Monday, January 3, 2005

Fire Haslett Now

What is wrong with this team?

Just when I was willing to give Jim Haslett a pass he makes these comments and here we go again. He can't honestly believe that this same coaching staff can lead this team to the playoffs. He can't honestly think that people should be happy that he has guided the team to 7th place for three years. It's no wonder his players and staff think the fans are crazy for even thinking of replacing anybody on an average team. How dare Tom Benson and the fans get pissed when they were 4-8 and playing like high schoolers. You all should be ashame of thinking about replacing Aaron Brooks after he finally had one big game where he didn't choke in the last 4 years. All this time, I was sitting here wishing we could go to the Superbowl and never realized that 7th place was our goal. I could have turned that Jets/Rams' game off yesterday and started celebrating our 7th place dynasty. Can we have one offseason where somebody in this organization doesn't say something to kill any fan momentum?

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