Monday, January 31, 2005

First of I want to say Happy Birthday today to my childhood best friend Devin Bateman. He should be 29 today. I hope it's a good one whereever you are.

I have to give credit to all the Iraqi citizens who actually voted in Iraq. I don't think the people who live here should have gotten a vote. They don't have anything to lose by voting here. There's no insurgents with assault rifles here. The big question is how long will it be after the new government is in place before the troops are asked to leave. My guess is longer than we all think. The Iraq police and the army will not stand a chance if their are no American Troops to help them.

The Micheal Jackson trial starts today. As far as am concerned even if he is not guilty someone should make him get some help. How do you mess up that much fame and success? His advisers must be overpaid because they are doing a poor job of helping his career. The American public can forgive just about everything except for two crimes. One is black men killing white women. The other is abusing little children, especially boys. Micheal and Oj both need to move to a nice island and get away before we all get associated with them.

What is up with the hip hop community? Irv Gotti, Ja Rule, Lil Kim and The Game all have drama going on this week. I will say it again and again. The music of our generation will never be taken seriously as long as we conduct our business like a bunch of black gangsters instead of musicians.

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