Monday, June 30, 2008

Please Read Carefully

Before I get to the other stuff I want to talk about let me address something. Recently Blogger has been tripping with my email notices and I haven’t seen all of my comments. Someone brought to my attention today that an anonymous person left me a comment accusing me of making fun of Norman Robinson’s DUI arrest.
Clifton, It's not something to laugh about that you have driven home many time "seeing double."
I went back and read that and found nothing funny about what I mentioned. There was not one joke in the entire paragraph. What I shared was a personal account of something I am not proud of. I was trying to empathize with Norman. Sometimes I share some personal stuff on here that other people may not divulge on their sites. Sometimes folks get the wrong idea. Maybe my writing sucks. I have no problem accepting any criticism or comments about what I said because that’s the chance you take when you do that kind of thing. If you want to comment then that’s fine. If you want to disagree and debate me that’s fine too. If you want to be anonymous that’s fine too. Just make sure you read carefully and get the right meaning before you accuse me of something like making fun of drunk driving.


Leigh C. said...

The only thing I thought was even remotely funny was the final sentence. Who IS gonna serve some FEMA whup-hide gumbo up if it ain't Norman?

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that your writing by no means sucks. Nothing was funny that you stated. The style of your writing was of a person showing empathy and first hand experience. The anonymous person who stated that was tripping. When I read their comment I wondered what blog did they read. anyway you know I can talk or write so I won't write too much (lol) so be inspired and keep writing because I look forward to your blogs. SA

Anonymous said...

I've had similar reactions to stuff that I write. I think some people are under the delusion that blogs are a form of comedy, that we're all just trying to be "funny" and so they try to read humor everywhere. Seems silly but I can't figure it any other way.

Anonymous said...

phuck what a hater say!!! cliff.....need i say moe.....9TH WARD!!!!!!!!!