Sunday, April 2, 2006

Happy Birthday Mama

Today is my mother’s 56th birthday. Like most brothers, I have a undying devotion and love for the woman. I don’t know how to express my feelings for this woman properly. She is my mama, my guidance, my friend and maybe the biggest supporter I have in this world. My entire personality has been shaped on the fact that I never wanted to be the reason she had a bad day or a sleepless night. Thanks to Katrina, this is the first time since I was born I won’t get to see her on her birthday. I hope her whole day and everyday for the rest of her life is filled with smiles. I love you mama because without you, there would be no me.

A Mother's Love

Some say when my children
are old enough to understand the logic
that motivates a mother
I will tell them this:
I loved you enough to want to
know where you were going,
with whom, and what
time you would get home.
I loved you enough to
make you return a chocolate bar
with a bit out of it to a store
and to confess:"I stole this".
I loved you enough to stand
over you for two hours
while you cleaned your room;
a job that would have
taken me 15 minutes.
I loved you enough to
let you see anger,
disappointment, disgust
and tears in my eyes.
I loved you enough to
admit when I was wrong
and to ask for your forgiveness.
I loved you enough to
let you stumble, fall and hurt.
BUT most of all
I loved you enough to say NO
when you hated me for it
This was the hardest part of all!

Author Unknown

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Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful picture of your mother.