Monday, April 3, 2006

Just Venting.....Nothing Personal

This blog was written just for me to get things off of my chest. It is not intended for everyone to agree with or to really piss anyone off even though it might. I welcome any comments you may have even if you want to cuss me.

The election march was cool. I still stand by the fact that we need to be able to vote if we choose to. However, it’s going to be funny to see all those people vote for a mayor and give him four years of power to run a city that its going to take five years to find housing in. Essentially, all these black people are going to run down and vote for Ray Nagin to drag his feet like he’s been doing.

Sometimes I wish that New Orleans was really a third world country like the rest of the world seems to look at us. That would be ok right now to me because then we could overthrow the government, lock up the mayor, sheriff, DA and city council and annex ourselves from the rest of the country. Then we could make some trade deals with other countries on our own and build our own levee system and housing and hospitals and schools and all that other stuff.

One of the strange things about the aftermath of the storm is that there are some people from New Orleans that actually think where they are from makes them more deserving of a natural disaster. If you go anywhere in the world and someone makes a comment like to you, slap them That will be the only thing that makes you feel better. If you catch yourself believing that or affirming what they said, slap yourself. You are a disgrace to your whole family.

It has to be said…….Eighteen months of free rent for people that didn’t have a job before the storm is just too long of a time. My sister is a teacher and she had to pay her emergency money back to the government. The storm was not supposed to make working people’s lives harder and shiftless people’s lives easier. When all of this is up, there will be lots of people in panic and desperate.

The next time someone makes the comment to me that “God doesn’t do anything by mistake” or “Everything happens for a reason” concerning what happened to people because of the hurricane might get cussed out.

I had a conversation with a good friend concerning her child’s father. She was hoping that eventually if they spent enough time together his dad may decide to start doing the things for him that he needs to. Look, when Gabby was born my fatherly instincts kicked in the first five seconds after her birth. If you got a man that doesn’t want to spend every minute he can with his child the minute they are born, put him on child support immediately because you got problems coming.

Why are there so many 30 year old black women that can actually say to themselves that they will always be lonely? I am tired of young sisters talking like they are 65 years old. I am going to get in trouble for this but how many of you have actually thought it was yourself that was the problem. How many women can actually say they know how to be happy or make a man happy? There are thousands of good brothers out there but they don’t have Jay Z’s money or LL’s body. Most of them work for the city fixing streets or something with beer bellies and receding hairlines. You better go look for some of those cats.

After you reach a certain age, sex without passion or feelings for your partner is just like masturbation with allot more drama.

Why would African American people support any type of law allowing illegal immigrants to work in this country without citizenship? With all the joblessness in our community, there is nothing good about millions of people willing to work for half of what we will coming in everyday. We have enough competition already.


Anonymous said...

Focused. I love to read when you decide to write.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I think the march will prove to be useless. Reason being most of those people Jesse and everybody else marching for won't even vote. Jesse, Al Sharpton and many other "black leaders" typically jump on the bandwagon for all the wrong reasons. We have an entire city district that is still in limbo in terms of the flood plan, thus they can't rebuild their homes or their lives. I don't see anybody marching for that. Those are the working class people who actually take voting seriously.

Second, why is it that the majority of black males over 30 still don't have their lives in order or a career for that matter to match those black females over 30 who are "lonely." When will black men grow up and get it together or are you all still intimidated by professional women and prefer to date women who don't think much of themselves. Keep in mind, every woman don't look like Halle or Janet. That comment works both ways. In addition to that, learn how to treat women and you just might get everything you're hoping for in the woman you select. Hint hint clue clue.

Lastly, I don't recall seeing any black men running to get back to the city to clean it up. If it weren't for the immigrants, then New Orleans would still have debris all over the street because black men take on the idea that they are too good to do certain things despite having no education to fall back on.

You know I love you Clif.