Thursday, April 20, 2006

Controlling the Media

When I was a young man living at home, me and my dad would always watch the news together. Whenever I would ask him a question about a story that didn't make sense to me as a young black man, he would always reply with the same phrase; "Son, when you control the media, you control what we see". Never has this been more apparent than this week in the news. Two women have dominated the news this week. One of them is Natalie Holloway. She is the young lady that disappeared in Aruba months ago and hasn't been found. Every single news outlet in the country has been covering this story every single day and they won't rest until someone in Aruba has been arrested for her disappearance. I used to look at this story everyday and I felt bad for her because she was young and had her life in front of her. As a matter of fact I think that Nancy Grace is on a personal crusade to have every male in Aruba brought up on charges for kidnapping. One way or another, someone in Aruba will answer for Natalie's murder and the American media will not rest until it's done.
The other story is the Duke Lacrosse team rape case. This story has also been everywhere this week but with a different twist. Every single day there is another story, picture or piece of evidence presented by the media to make this sister look like a black piece of trash who is trying to get paid by lying on these poor privilege kids at Duke. It's like they can't even imagine that she might have been raped and their asses are all covering for one another. If she was a little tipsy when she got to the party, who's to say she didn't get violated by something other than one of their little peckers. For a brief second I almost was starting to think that maybe she could have been lying. After watching the coverage of this story, it doesn't even matter if they don't have DNA evidence. I want her to stand her ground and bring these little bastards to justice if for no other reason than to see the look on the face of all the ass holes in the media on television that made her look like a drunken tramp. Do you think all those people on TV would be making negative comments if some white woman went up to a HBCU for a bachelor party full of wild Negroes. They would shut the entire system down until they found out who it was.
I love living in America. In any other country I would probably be dead already for writing some shit like this. Most Americans of all colors do the same thing every day. We go to work, try to raise our kids properly and earn enough money for some comfort in life. However, there are several cross sections of American life where the line is clearly drawn for black people. The top three are the justice system, the job interview process, and media coverage. We usually expect some sort of bullshit to go on in these three areas but when it's as blatant as the news has been this week it just pisses you off. This is what BET should be used for, some balance. They spend all their time teaching 12 year olds how to dance.

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Archeology of the Future said...


really like your blog. I'm in London, UK. The honesty of your thinking is refreshing. I don't always agree with you, but I can see where you're coming from and that you've got there honestly.

Keep it up!