Monday, April 24, 2006

Who's Gonna Be the Mayor?.....I Don't Care

The mayor's race in New Orleans has came and went and now we have Mitch Landrieu and Ray Nagin in a runoff to see who gets to run the city for the next four years. Whoever wins will either get a whole bunch of credit if the city makes strides or all the blame if it falls on its face. It's a risky job to take. I think Landrieu will win if the voter turn out for the runoff is anything like the turnout for the primary. I think I misjudged Black New Orleans' attitude about this mayor's race. I think most of us don't really care who wins. When you really break it down, there isn't a section of the American population that has been more mistreated by other Americans than black people from New Orleans. No one really wants us. We are staying in cities now that look at us as a drain and a burden. Lots of those people in these other cities are black too. Then, our own city knows this and are still dragging their asses to get some kind of progress made. That's what's on the mind of the average citizen when he or she is about to spend 100.00 worth of gas to drive from Atlanta to vote for someone who hasn't really done anything to help them come back home regardless of their color. I have been here since the end of January and I still haven't found a place under 1200.00 a month that I would like to live in. After listening to the debates and judging each candidate, I probably wouldn't have voted either if I had to drive 500 miles. We would have been better off as the third world country as they see us.

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yeah man, I dont even have an entry on it. right now i could care less.

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