Thursday, April 6, 2006

Questions, Questions, Questions

What happened to all that money that George Bush promised the city of New Orleans?

I guess he just lied in front of millions Americans on national TV. That's not so strange for him.

Why are there 500 people running for mayor of New Orleans?

Why isn't Cynthia Willard Lewis on TV everyday fussing about something?

There are enough things in her district to have a new beef about each day. I mean, she did lose her whole constituency to the storm. She should have her own hotline set up just for the Ninth Ward.

What is Leonard Lucas doing running for councilman at large?

This is the same guy that was the district representative for the Ninth Ward and led the entire state legislature in absences. He only sponsored two bills the whole term and the Lower Ninth Ward still didn't have a grocery store before the storm. The only thing he managed to do was open up his mini-mall and a Subway. That's just the guy we need.

Why isn't Paul Morton and Darryl Brister standing next to her complaining on behalf of the thousands of people that give them all that money?

Even if they are doing something behind closed doors that's not good enough. It should be vocal and loud to combat the feelings of frustration. The Bishop should be on TV now just as much as he was when his boys weren't getting in on the contracts from City Hall. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should have never even needed to come down here and organize that march. It should have already been done.

How do all the girls from New Orleans name Katrina feel now that their families won't speak to them?

If the hurricane would have been named Cliff instead of Katrina, how many years of therapy would it have taken to get over that guilt?

I think I need to call my cousin Katrina tonight and apologize for ignoring her. She's a really good person and no one deserves to have a storm that basically wiped out their entire family structure named after them. They shouldn't even name those storms anyway. If anyone bigger than a cat-3 ever hits, it should just be called "That Big Bitch" and followed by the date. Katrina should have been "That Big Bitch on August 29"

How come the folks that went through Hurricane Rita don't appear to be as pissed as all the Katrina victims?

You all should be making more noise. There is enough FEMA money to be squandered away for everyone.

Did it really take the mayor and city council this long to figure out that they should be spending that money on rebuilding apartments instead of trailers?

Did anyone else notice that we will have had Mardi Gras, Jazzfest, and a Saints game before we even open one public hospital in the city of New Orleans?

When the son on Black and White admitted to his parents he let the white kids say nigger around him, why didn't mom or dad slap his ass?

There is never a time when that practice is cool. I don't care how many hip hop CD's they listen to.

How much did VH1 pay those girls to go back on Flava of Love reunion?

Why is Hip Hop the only profession where a black man makes good money and still wants to be considered part of the hood?

You don't see the CEO of American Express (a black man) representing the projects by stabbing the Discover Card CEO at a meeting.

Why are all those black kids, especially the basketball players(who are basically the image of the university) still going to Duke?

If this was 1966 instead of 2006 there would be sit ins and marches every day.

Am I the only person that is totally infatuated with Cynthia Mckinney's stand against racial profiling?

I wish they had the incident on tape to prove her point.

Keep your hair style baby. I think it's fly.

Can we get her to come to New Orleans on behalf of the people?

Why do white people bring their dogs everywhere with them including the office?

You don't know if I am allergic to dogs or not.

Why do black people take stuff from work they really don't need like white out and staplers?

I never got to use the adding machine I took from my old job.

What is the proper amout of work production lost in America between instant messages and e-mail?

There are people that download their favorite IM as soon as they are alone at their desk.

Is there such a thing as a young Caucasian woman at your job that isn't a newlywed or engaged?

I mean they all have fiances and new husbands. No wonder sisters are so pissed when they come home from work. I would be too if I had to sit 8 hours and listen to all that.

Would I be wrong to snitch on the blind guy that smokes in the restroom next to my office door?
It's not that I want to get the man in trouble. It's just that when you are the only brother, you get blamed for stuff like fires.

Finally, this is an actual e-mail I received. The name has been scrambled to protect the victim:
"ya this this be %@$%@$ from 71107 wat the deal is yo main holla at ya boy cuz maybe i can getcha down here agian an we can chill an smoke dat some cake]weed[ ok holla at me ,one"

The first question.... What did the New Orleans Public School system do to him to make him look at that on paper and think anyone would understand that?

The Last question..... Is the fact that I understood exactly what he was trying to say reason enough for all us to get together and file a class action suit against the school system for improper education?

It's alright to talk ebonics sometimes in certain circles but you are never supposed to write it unless it's a Gwendolyn Brooks poem.

One Love to everyone from the Lower Ninth Ward. Peace to all people New Orleans.

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