Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This Blog Has No Title

The following opinions have been influenced by listening to Tupac's Greatest Hits....

Lately there are three things that are guaranteed to piss me off:
1. All these jackasses coming back to New Orleans and starting all this shooting and shit again. What the hell is wrong with negroes? Thank you for validating everything the other part of the community thinks about us. All of this is taking in place in one of the few dry and black neighborhoods in the city. Its funny that the Ninth Ward gets all the press for being this violent place when we all know that uptown is where the real pit bulls come from(no offense to my uptown friends, not all of you are pit bulls). When being stranded for days together in the hot New Orleans sun without food and water can’t make you come together there is no hope.
2. When someone from New Orleans wants to put down the city and brag about how much better it is where they live like they always planned on going there. I don't mind you starting over, and you should be happy. But, don't act like we weren't neighbors 7 months ago and your ass was planning to leave. You were going to die here just like me and you probably still will eventually.
3. People from other cities that keep trying to tell me how to feel or how long I am supposed to be upset about the aftermath of the storm. Let me come to your town, take all of your family and move them around. Then pump 1000 gallons of water in your house. Then, just when you get really homesick and want to come home I will make about 1000 rules not allowing you to even rebuild the house the way it was. Deal with all that and then we can talk on an even level. Until then let us deal with this.

Due to the increasing gas prices its time to make some tough choices. I have decided that until the price goes down, I will decrease my large daiquiri with a shot of rum to a medium daiquiri with no shot and my 12 inch po-boy sandwich to a 6 inch sandwich and hold the cheese. These damn republicans got the gas so high I have to cut back on sandwiches and liquor just to get to work. That's what America gets for electing two ex energy company CEO's to run the country. You know the first revolution in this country started with a tea party to protest being over taxed by the British. I'm glad the president tried to do something today to make the price a little lower. I'm afraid that going from 2.85 to 2.75 isn't really doing a damn thing for me. I need some old school prices. You know, the kind we had before pissing off all the Arabs.

R.I.P. to Proof from D-12 and the man that he shot. It is really sad a talented brother lost his life. It’s just as sad that he was killed after shooting another black man and nobody cares about him or his family because he is not famous. That’s two black men dead and their lives had equal value. That’s why the murders have been allowed to fester for so long. We only care about the ones we know or our family.

It can’t be possible that I don’t qualify for every single one of the hurricane relief programs. Am I rich and no one told me? I am going to be so pissed if one of my grandparents have a trust fund for me that I don’t know about that keeps showing up on a computer somewhere. Then again, that can’t be true because if I had one my credit wouldn’t be so bad.

Finally I have a lesson in life for everyone that reads this. Sometimes a person comes into your life and you get a bad vibe so you end the association quickly. Then years later they come back into your world through circumstances and you think to yourself “This person isn’t so bad. Maybe I was wrong”. Eventually, the person does things that make you realize why you never wanted to be around their stupid ass in the first place. The lesson is : when judging people, following your first mind is usually the right call.

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