Wednesday, March 22, 2006


On yesterday I wrote a blog concerning my disgust with the process of the upcoming mayoral election in New Orleans. My aggravation is with the fact that many displaced people are not getting the opportunity to vote if they choose to. Some people read what I said and mistakenly thought I was endorsing black people to go to the polls and vote to keep a African American in the mayors office. This was not my intention. At the risk of sounding contradictory, no one has to vote for Nagin or any other black candidate if they don't want to. I wasn't going to vote for anyone. I just wanted the opportunity to vote if I chose to. Black politicians do nothing for me. All my life we have had black people running the city I live in and things have gotten progressively worse. You can be scared of Peggy Wilson or whoever else is running in the election that may appear to be the enemy. The fact of the matter is that she or anyone else can't do a worse job than the rest of them. The last time I checked, it was a black man that just told me to rebuild at my own risk. Black people have been looking at political victories as a symbol of progress but in reality the only people in this world that benefits from politics is the politicians. The same families that were in the ghetto during the civil rights movement are still there now. With the exception of a few success stories and the one or two in each family that makes it, there has not been a reversal of wealth distribution in America. Imagine what kind of statement it would make if 75% of black voters in this country voted for a white, republican candidate who was moderate enough to listen and try to work towards helping us solve some of our issues. Do you know what that would do to voice of people? You wouldn't be taken for granted anymore. It's just a damn shame that when the going gets tough, most Republicans and Democrats all revert back to the same old bullshit rhetoric to get elected. If we had more of an effect by voting maybe I wouldn't feel like a second class citizen by knowing that someone in Fallujah is getting more government assistance than I am.

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