Monday, March 13, 2006


I have never given a show it's own post on my blog before but there comes a time when a moment on television has the effect on black people like Flava of Love. I started off really hating this show because of the way I felt it objected women and portrayed them as creatures that would do anything for cash and notoriety. How else could you explain those pretty young girls throwing themselves at a 46 year old hype man from Public Enemy? However, after a few weeks the contest became so fascinating that I couldn't turn away. Last night was the grand finale and he picked Hoops over New York. For years black men have been looking for solid evidence to back up any assertion that women could possibly be all about money and status. I am sure there were some unknown things here and there but never anything universal. Now, thanks to Flavor Flav and the 20 contestants on his show, whenever a man gets into a debate with a woman about certain issues, we can always throw Flava of Love out there and end the whole debate in victory. Not even the proudest, most liberated sister can defend this show. Someone might have tried to have an intelligent outlook on why this show took place but that all went out of the window when Hoops slipped on that gold grill, smiled and kissed Flav. I am now going find the nearest plantation and get my spot closest to the front of the field since this show knocked us all the way back to the Emancipation Proclamation. How all those activists could be protesting the Boondocks and let this show go on the whole season without boycotting VH1 is beyond me.

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