Monday, March 20, 2006

Verbal Gumbo 5

I have been getting emails and messages asking me why I haven't been posting blogs the way I used to. The reason is simple. In order for me to sit here and write a nice long focused piece, I need two things. I need comfort and clear thought. Right now I don't have either so all I have to give is this quick, scattered thoughts that just pop into my head. I never wanted my blog to be a journal about my everyday life. That's not interesting and my life is pretty boring nowadays anyway. That's why I don't post something everyday. Now, let's try to come up with something.

If you are living in the city of New Orleans at the moment and you don't have a job, you are either disabled or lazy and shiftless. There is no reason for all these brothers walking around all day doing nothing.

How many races before Bill Lester (the brother racing Nascar) gets ran into a wall by one of the good old boys?

I wanted to watch it before I said something about it. Black and White is a really pointless show. A white man born into the majority in the country could spend an entire year in makeup as a black man and never fully understand. What the show doesn't explain from what I can see is that the attitude most black people have about race starts in Kindergarten and systematically gets worse as we get older. Thats why the time we are 30 we are paranoid about everything. It's the reason we are much more consumed by race than any other nationality.

The top five black shows on TV:
Grey's Anatomy (Did you know a sister created and produces this show?)
The Boondocks
Sharp Talk with Al Sharpton
Turn Up The Heat With G Garvin
Any Sanford and Son rerun.

Will Downing put on one hell of a show Saturday night.

My Final Four was Pittsburgh, Texas, UConn, and Boston College. I know Pittsburgh lost yesterday but I am a man of honor so I won't change my picks. I still have three out of four teams on my bracket so the money is still possible.

Did Dallas just sign T.O? Didn't he stand in the middle of the star and disrespect that team? Sports is all about business.

What the hell is going on with The Sopranos (if you haven't seen it, stop readin now). I became obsessed with this show for the sole reason that Tony Soprano was the coolest character on TV ever. Now, they have him in this coma with blood poisoning. I have a feeling he is not coming out of this anytime soon which means the other characters are going to carry the show. This is a big mistake just like killing Ralphie was. I don't want to see Tony sitting in the bed dreaming of being a regular dude. I want him riding around kicking ass, hustling and messing with women. This season is going to suck. If he dies I might stop watching.

New Booty by Bubba Sparks, Wait by the Ying Yang Twins, and Play by David Banner are basically the same song except the New Booty song is about 40% more horrible than the other two. How can they play this song on the radio? Shouldn't a song have to sound good to get radio play?

The decision on the New Orleans elections gets it's own blog.

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