Monday, March 6, 2006

Verbal Gumbo 4

Thoughts while making the 3 hour drive to work.....

I was watching Good Times this weekend and I now have at least one clear cut goal in life. My goal is ten years from now I want my children to watch that show and not be able to relate to any of those episodes like I can.

I owe Michael Brown an apology. For the last six months he was the image of all the people suffering after the flood and I wanted to whip his ass. It turns out that he told the president all along that he needed more resources but George was just too confident or inept to do anything about it. Sorry Mike.

After watching the video footage of George Bush before the storm and Kathleen Blanco during the storm, I feel like it would be perfectly fine for me to do like Martin Luther King on the Boondocks and go to Canada.

It's amazing how things piss you off when you get a little older. Ever noticed how some of your friends never go to work but keep buying new shit and you have been working two jobs since the age of 16 and still struggling? Is this hate? Do I have a right to be confused? The least they could do is share their secrets.

I have a confession.......I can't stop watching Flava of Love. The show is addictive even though its pushing black women back to the days before Harriet Tubman help give our people their free. Public Enemy is going to have to burn down a KKK rally or something to get the credibility back that Flav is washing away. We have got to keep this show going with new people. We just have to find someone as crazy and as washed up as Flav. I'm voting for Bushwick Bill from the Geto boys. There are two questions that have to be asked. The first one is why doesn't Al Sharpton protest this stuff instead of the Boondocks? The second question is what does Chuck D , Griff and Terminator X do when the show is on? How is this affecting them personally? Do they all get together in a dark room like the Drop Squad and make plans to kidnap Flav and lock him up until he is better? Some magazine needs to do a special issue on this.

Did the Pimp song really win an Oscar?
Was that really the Three-Six Mafia on stage accepting it?
Isn't the fact that a song about pimping won the Academy Award just like something out of Hollywood Shuffle?
Am I wrong for not being that proud of this achievement?

I am all for refinement and the mainstream look in a woman. However, the hood part of me still thinks there is something extra sexy about a pretty sister with one or two solid gold teeth in her mouth. She gets extra points if her name is Jackie or Antoinette. Doesn't everybody have a aunt named Jackie, Antoinette or Pat? Why did black people stop using these names?

We all have someone from our past that we miss. They are thought about everyday and we wish they were still in our lives in some way.......................
Why is it that we never run into these people by accident? It's always the scibs, skanks, scrubs and scalywags that always seem to find us no matter how hard we try to get away. I'm talking about that brother who you run into after moving to the suburbs that just happens to get a job working on your neighbor's house. Were they put here for the sole reason of giving you incentive to keep moving? I mean, the entire ghetto was evacuated and they just happen to be passing in front of your job as you are walking out six months later. That's got to be destiny.

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The Book said...

Hollywood shuffle .. dang man ..lmao it does remind me of that part when he comes out and says "Im Robert Shuler & Im an Actor"

Im happy they did it still man..