Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Big Man Discrimination

I went to the mall yesterday with my homeboy Ced to see if they had a sale or something going on for some shirts and slacks. We are moving to the corporate building soon and I need some better outfits to walk around the big wigs. We go into Dillards department store and split up. I head to the big and tall section and he goes to the regular dude section. Here is where my issue starts. The shirts in the big and tall section are clearly not as fashionable as the little guys clothes. I kept looking across the aisle and seeing things I wanted to wear in a medium only to be disappointed by the fact it was nowhere to be found in a 3X. What's up with that? How come the same Polo shirt cost twenty dollars more for me? Its not that much more fabric. I am tired of Grown Man Body Discrimination. We get to the clearance rack and all the shirts were 75% off. Most of the shirts on my rack looked like something out of a John Wayne western movie. You know those shirts you buy for your Kris Kringle gift at work. I look over at his selection and it's full of Sean John, Nautica, and Ralph Lauren. Do you know a large size Sean John shirt is almost one hundred bucks! I thought Biggie and Diddy were friends. How are you going to charge that much for a shirt in Biggie's size? I see why all the full figured sisters always stressing about their clothes. At least they have Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart to go to from relief. Meanwhile I have to go to all this little bootleg stores full of large size outfits that you only get one wear out of because they shrink up so bad. It's like going from having on a long shirt to a halter top after one wash. Maybe I just need to get my lazy ass up and work out enough to get to the regular dude section of the store.

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The Book said...

i feel your pain bruh!