Sunday, February 26, 2006

What I Like

I was at the mall shopping for some clothes when I overheard a young brother trying to talk with one of the saleswomen in the store. He seemed to be doing a good job and I thought he had the phone number locked up when she asked him the question that sealed his faith. She simply asked him "what do you like in a woman?". He proceeded to tell her all kinds of physical and cosmetic things and she in turn left him alone and went back to work. The confused young brother just shook his head and walked out. I realized he didn't understand what it was she was trying to say. She wanted to know what qualities he liked in a woman and he couldn't answer. I will give him a pass since he was about 19 or 20 years old, but how many guys in their 30's could answer that question honestly. I am going to give it a try. Now, this is by no means a personal ad or an indictment of the woman I have now. It's also not a list of anything she does or does not do. This is just something I thought about off the top of my head so don't get the wrong idea. Now, if I had to find a woman and list "what I like", this would be it.

She needs to be able to talk about more than two subjects
I consider myself to be a man that knows many topics. I have been reading the paper and following politics since I was ten. There is nothing more frustrating than having a conversation with someone about the war and doesn't even know who Donald Rumsfeld is. Besides, any woman or man over 25 years old that can't hold a conversation about more than clothes, shoes, and TV is in bad shape anyway.
She has to live in this world and not the next one
I don't want to sound like a heathen. I respect everyone's spiritual journey and I am working on mine but some sisters act like we are already in heaven. I don't mind going to church on Sunday or you being involved in the church other days of the week but if I can't at least watch a good "R" rated movie or maybe my secular music every now and then I won't be happy.

She has to let go of all her past relationships
I wasn't there for your last relationship so I don't know what words or phrases trigger a memory. How am I supposed to know how and what the last fool did what he did? I don't care anyway. That goes for careers, style, and attitude to. If you want a guy like the last guy, go and find the last guy.
She has to think my guilty pleasures are cool or at least love me enough to let me be
Pro Wrestling, football, cigars, albums, BBQing are the main things that I like for the sole purpose of my bringing a smile to my face without any work or allot of thought. I don't need her to watch it with me. I just don't want her to try and stop me from doing it.

She needs her own circle of friends that don't really need me involved
I don't really like women that need to hang around me all the time. I like women who have their own clubs, social groups, or just a group of people they hang out with that can occupy her time long enough for me to do some thing with my friends.

She has to be able to laugh
Sense of humor is very important and is actually a turn on. I honestly think that you can never make a woman happy if she can't at herself once in awhile. Besides, I am sort of a fool and a woman that is too serious will only think I am a fool and that won't work.

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