Monday, February 6, 2006

Big Brother Blues

My little sister moved to North Carolina for a teaching job last week. Today is her first day in class since the storm. I am happy she found work after the New Orleans school system treated all the teachers like dirt and just let them go. I tried my best to get her to stay close. I even offered to give her money a few months for a bills so she wouldn't go. She was determined to get out of the hole she finds herself in on her own terms. After some serious debate, I didn't want her thinking about her decision so I tried to be supportive and act like I thought it was ok she was moving so far. The truth of the matter is that I am worried like hell about her being that far away from me. She is my baby sister and for her whole life I have been able to help her handle any problem she might have. Now she is 15 hours away and alone to do it herself. People keep telling me I am wrong for being upset she left. They tell me that I need to respect her womanhood and let her do things on her own like an adult. To that I say...WHATEVER! How can my worrying about her somehow make her less of a woman or hinder her progress? I don't understand how a person going through rough spots in life alone will somehow make them liberated and stronger. Listen, if you are blessed enough to have people in your life that care enough to help, let them. I consider myself to be as strong as any man I know but I am not beyond calling someone to help my ass if I need them. Maybe I am just having seperation anxiety. It's good she wants to deal with her own issues. She's mature, open minded and can adopt to any group of people. She got that from me. Pretty soon she will meet someone and fall in love. Then she will get married and have kids. At that time I will take a hot, rusty butterknife and shove it into my belly button. Just the thought of a man and her.......................oh no!

My little sister is a grown woman everybody and it sucks.

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tammy said...

You are so sweet and truthful at the same time. Ahhh to have a brother like you.