Thursday, February 9, 2006

Verbal Gumbo #3

I haven't seen the cartoons with Muhammad's picture but it must have been some pretty wild shit to make those muslims mad like that. It's safe to say that if I was in Europe at the moment, I would not go outside for a week or two. Why is Bush and Condi Rice getting involved in that? It's things like this incident that assures me we will never fully be able to move troops out of the Middle East. They are just creating more terrorist. Who would even publish something like that in this day and time and risk getting his entire country blown up?

I loved Coretta King but I don't know if I could have sat still for 6 hours.

Is there any service on the internet that spammers won't spam?

Living in most areas of New Orleans and points below like St. Bernard is the closest thing to living in a war zone on American soil most Americans will ever experience. How could it take 6 or 7 months to get phone service?

Who are those guys that are starting to hang out on the corners in some neighborhoods going to sell dope too? All the FEMA money is in other cities. You better go down to Lee Circle in the morning and get on the back of a truck like the Mexican brothers are doing.

I don't watch award shows but I looked at the pictures from last night. I need to know if Sly Stone was as high as he looked.

If Sly Stone can get a tribute, why can't Sugarfoot from the Ohio Players?

We got through a whole awards show last night without any rappers embarrasing everybody. Things may be looking up.

Speaking of Grammys.....I have been holding her spot ever since she started going crazy but now she is back. It's time to give Mariah Carey her props and put her back on the top ten women list. Every man has one too ladies. She now joins Toni Braxton as the only women to ever be removed and then returned. If you don't Mariah is fly then you are just hating.

Why can't a show like "That's What I'm Talking About" on TV Land come on all the time instead of just in Feburary for Black History Month? Wayne Brady needs a full time job. I

If you can't catch that show, try Sharp Talk with Al Sharpton on TV ONE, the real black network.

Thanks to all the people who suggested I run for mayor. That would be cool but I have way too many skeletons from my early 20's in the strip club scene of New Orleans to run for mayor. I would hate to embarras my mama with a scandal involving a dancer called Quiet Storm (if you happen to read this storm send me and email). I would have to be like Karl Rove to someone. Cedric Richmond should give me a call.

This is a special message to the person that sent me a message asking me about the reason for the hurricane being people in New Orleans practicing voodoo.....on behalf of all the people I know that would be offended by that: KISS MY ASS! If we all knew voodoo, we would have sent the storm up to where you and your ignorant ass friends live. Don't send me anything else because I know some angry online New Orleans people that are looking for someone to take things out on and will fill your inbox all day. Don't make me put Jenn on you because she types real fast LOL.

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Anonymous said...

I live in Europe and I go out all the time. What v station are you watching. i havent seen a protester or an angry mob or nothing. TV and newspapers are shit.