Friday, February 3, 2006

Day 4......Shout Outs

I have been in New Orleans all week and I haven't seen anybody I know with the exception of Cedric and Lawanda. I am used to coming and going between about 30 different places. As I drove back up I-55, I thought about all the people that have been scattered out of my everyday life.

I don't do shout outs on my blog. But if I did................

I would have to send a shot out to all my people from the Lower Ninth Ward who lost everything. Everything's gonna be alright.

To all the Harris, Baker, Louvier, Butler, Woods and Louis family.

To my godchildren Kelsey, and Larren

I would have to send a shot out to all my boys from the hood, Devin, Sean, John(my ghetto mentor), Ryan, Jerry, Hasan(stay out of jail), Lonnie(I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you pulling me out of that canal), Moosie, River( the same dude Jubilee named the dance after), Charlie Parker, Smokey, Adam and Donald (R.I.P.).....I hope you guys are straight whereever you are.

To Eric Russell of the Ya Ya's ( seeing you on Sesame Street was a trip), Shannon Lafrance, Dana Harris(where did you go?) and to Joseph Warner who I always could depend on.

I would have to send a shot out to the Six Man Posse - Demetrius, Renaldo(You left me way too soon Cuban), David Gould, Tremaine, and Anderson(Dougie Fresh)Soco

I would have to send out a shout to my brothers from another mother Brian Anderson in the ATL and George Branch in Houston(please don't get into any trouble out there).

To Frederick Nunnery ...I hope your family made it out of Hollygrove.

I would have to send a shot out to Willie Bones, Malcom a.ka. Pretty Tony, Treetop, Romalis, Quincy (R.I.P.), Charles, Eric, Big Nose Keith and my homeboy

To Erroll my barber, Mr. Bob(thanks for taking me fishing and those wrestling match rides), Marlon(My second daddy), James, Mr. Henry(My third daddy) , Big Al, Lil Al, Gene, Ms. Mary(My second mama), Ms. Inez (my third mama), Ms. Campbell(My fourth mama....thanks for the food.), Ms. Patricia(My fifth mama) Maude(My sixth mama), Marysol, Claudia, Loures, Debbie, Virginia, Dana B.and Coretha McCray and those darling daughters of hers.

I would have to send a big shot out to my roaddogs Chris, and the realest friend on the planet David Tate (What's up Big Dooooog!)

I would have to send a special shout out to Kenneth Johnson, his wife Terrina and all of the kids.

To my dear.... Angela Williams

And my heart...Kendra William

My female enforcer Christy

My sisters from another mother Shandy, Erika, Frenchell, Ninth Ward Slim, Chantel, Carlette and Laquinta

To Gaynell Gaines

I would have to send a shout out to Yolanda Lomax(I've missed you for a long time), Nicole, Angie, Lisa, Lashaun, Renee, Renee', Danita, Elana, Neecha, Lawanda and all my homegirls that I used to roll with.

To all my ex's who will get no shine on my blog and start confusion.

To all my New Orleans internet friends that have all had to deal with the same issues I am going through.

Last but not least I would have to give a special shout out to Trevor and Cedric who have held me down throughout this whole Katrina ordeal with whatever I needed. I wouldn't trade you for the world.

If I forgot anybody please forgive me...It's been a rough week.

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