Monday, February 20, 2006

20 Things That Make Me Happy

20 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

Note: This list has nothing to do with kids, family or friends. These are just simple things that are guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.

1. The Maze Live in New Orleans Concert DVD I just purchased. I can swear I see my uncle in the crowd.

2. Sanford and Son

3. Sitting on a porch in New Orleans at 2 in the morning talking about nothing serious.

4. A half & half with cheese, no dressing, just mustard and ketchup.

5. Cabbage and Neckbones from Hurst Restaurant on Williams Blvd.

6. Ten pounds of boiled crawfish from Castnet w/ a six pack of Heinekens

7. The Brass Band Showdown live at the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak st.

8. "Alright Fellas, get your dollars out. Coming up to the main stage all the way from Uptown....Big Red"

9. The Lakefront on Sunday evenings.

10. Crown Royal on the rocks

11. Watching a football game in the stands

12. Breaking in a new fishing pole

13. Monk, Criminal Minds and Grey's Anatomy

14. The Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde CD

15. Getting accolades at work

16. A 5 piece spicy w/ fries

17. Putting any kind of meat on the grill

18. Dancing in the club with the lights off so no one can see just how bad I dance

19. Playing basketball

20. Writing this stupid blog.

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