Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Time to move on!

Well Bush pulled it out again. The Republican strategy is simple. Everyone in your party sticks to the same message which energize your base. This also makes people in the middle get the impression that your message is right because no one in your party goes against it. This is why Democrats look like flip floppers all the time. They also picked up seats in the Senate and the House. I am not surprised by this at all. As a matter of fact, I predicted it. I didn't want to vote for Bush or Kerry. The Democrats have no clear message about anything. They are trying to be liberal and conservative at the same time. There is no backbone to stand up for their position. The Republicans take advantage of scared people in the country and make them think that Al Queda and homosexuals are going to come parading down the street in their cities if they don't vote for their candidate even if he is incompetent and has a few friends of mine fighting a war that they didn't have to right now. How else can you explain Ohio who has lost more jobs than anybody in the last four years and 57% of the voters saying the economy is bad, still voting for Bush because of his moral values. I guess gay marriage is more important than feeding your family. The best thing about this election is that it's over and I can go back to focusing on the 12,000 dollars I lost in salary the last year and the 450.00 I lost on my Saints ticket. Maybe having a republican senator can help us get some coastline restoration money so my house isn't blown into Lake Ponchatrain after the next major storm. Of course, since Vitter is just going to vote for every republican policy regardless if it's good for Louisiana or not, I probably need to up my flood insurance. Just to make sure I am not taking sides, I think Landrieu is going to do the same thing for the democrats. The bottomline is that all Americans, poor, rich, black, white and everybody else are caught in the middle of a game for control of our tax dollars by corporations, lobbyists, unions and special interest groups that really run the country. I hope I don't run into anybody that voted for Bush standing next to me at Job Service in the next few months like he won something.

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