Monday, November 29, 2004

Music Stuff

Ok, this posting won't be negative I promise. I just wanted to cover some music stuff while I have the time.

Chingy says that DTP jerked him around. Ludacris is pissed. Who really cares what Chingy thinks. We are giving too much press to people with no talent.

I'm really feeling this Patti Labelle / Ron Isley song Go Solo. It's good to see Ron can still make a song with R. Kelly on it. Patti Labelle sounds great on this song. Speaking of R. Kelly....

Why does another sex tape of his pop up every week. Even if he was going to tape all of this stuff, shouldn't he be hiding these things. You can't show your boys everything. Please parents, don't let your daughters between the ages of 15-18 go to an R. Kelly concert. No wonder Jay Z pepper sprayed him.

Usher and Tevin Campbell have one thing in common. I make jokes about both of them but probably like every single they have put out. I can't stop playing My Boo.

Attention everyone: There's an artist named Eureka from New Orleans with a new album coming out. Please don't buy this thing and set New Orleans music back 15 years. It's bad enough we have Kings Entertainment.

I promised this post wouldn't be negative but what is up with that Destiny's Child song Soldier. When was the last time any of those young ladies were actually in the hood with a "soldier"? In 2005 it's about time black people start getting rid of this romantic image of the thug. That hasn't gotten us nowhere.

Finally, I want to send a shout out to Nasir Jones for making a hip hop album that reflects his age and maturity. The Street Disciple album may not have any real club songs on it but the lyrics are thought out and it shows what a 30 something rapper should be rapping about. It's time for some of the thugs to grow up in 2005. Some of the songs are real serious and Coon Picnic will never get air play but is the best song on the album. I give it 4 stars out of 5.

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