Monday, November 29, 2004

Blue Monday......Again!

I can't believe just how much the Saints loss yesterday is effecting my attitude. I am sitting here pondering life in New Orleans and not feeling very good. After I post this message, I am going on a 24 hour sports exile (except for wrestling). I won't be listening to Jim Rome, Gerry V, watching ESPN or anything else. I surely have enough interest without having to watch sports. Now about the game.

Yesterday's game showed the real problem with this team. It's the offense. It's the defense. It's the coaching. You can't depend on any of these things from week to week. After 11 games, the Saints have still not played a complete game in all phases of the game. One week, the defense gives up 500+ yards. The next week they play fairly well and the offense can't make a first down. There is too much inconsistency around this team to put blame on any one thing. The Saints didn't have one bread and butter play to go to for that first down with 2 minutes left. They weren't prepared for the situation and the players couldn't execute. That's what we have been watching for the last four years. I am now going bang my head against the wall before I post anything else.

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