Monday, November 29, 2004

Now that I have that other issue off of my chest I can move on and get this week started talking about other things on my mind.

It looks like I am going to end the year with this same job which means I will be struggling financially for Christmas. Has anyone else noticed that unless your under 18, no one is really happy for Christmas anymore? Everyone should be happy but many find reasons to be sad. Lonely people are sad because they have no one to buy gifts for. Poor people are sad because they know they can't get their love ones what they want and if they do, they will struggle for the next three months after over spending. You can put me in the poor people category. Whatever happened to just sitting around and enjoying your love ones. I'll tell you what happened. Every day and night you are bombarded with commercials and TV shows full of people buying diamond rings and cars for Christmas. I remember the commercial where they showed all the people getting new Lexus for Christmas. That's pressure. Being a dad now is going to put added pressure because I have no idea what to buy and when I find something it will probably be out of my price range. At least she's only one and has no clue it's Christmas. Hopefully when she's ten nobody will tell her I wasn't a good father because when she was one I didn't buy her a Playstation 2 for Christmas. I hate being so cynical.

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