Friday, November 12, 2004

Less Money....Mo Problems

After a week of anticipation I finally got to see what papers I needed to sign at work. It was wage increase papers. A whopping .50 raise! I don't mean to be sarcastic about it. It's hard to get too excited about a raise when I was making 12,000 dollars more the same time last year. This weekend will be a big test for me and my new attitude. I have to make it to Monday without cursing this job and all it stands for. It's not their fault my old job sent my position to Orlando and every other comparable job I applied for didn't hire me. I do curse them and all that they stand for. The reality of having to work two jobs is troubling to me. I simply can't stand it. If I do get another one in the evening, i will probably be so unfulfilled that I won't last long or be totally miserable. Either way it's going to suck real bad. I guess I am living the American reality. You live in a way you can't afford with income you can't maintain and then struggle when the income goes away to make everybody think you still have it. At least I have my health and I better keep it for awhile since I can't afford health insurance right now. The great thing about New Orleans is that there are bars open at lunch time especially designed for days like this. I will be visiting one of those today.

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Your_Magesty said...

Awww Cliff! I truly hate when you have a bad day. Your page is always so uplifting and amusing, but despite your bad day, I still see the optimism. Things will get better and you will be where you need to be sooner than you think. (I got a feeling.) You know I'm psychadelic (smile). Anyway, just BUDGET and deal with things as they come. DON'T get another job unless you absolutely have to. Sounds simple doesn't it? This is advice for both of us. 'Cause LAWD knows I can do some frivolous spending when I want to. Remember, all will work out for you sooner rather than later. And, when that happens, we can get back to the kinder, gentler, CYNICAL you! :o) Blessings!