Monday, November 15, 2004

I am going to start limiting myself to five cups of coffee a day now. Ten is just too much and I want to start sleeping like a normal person again. The weekend wasn't bad at all. I can't think of anything I have to complain about other than the Hornets being 0-6 and looking like it will be awhile before they win a game.

Colin Powell finally decided to step down. You should have done that 4 years ago Colin when you realized that you were a pawn in an organized game plan for power by your president. I still wish you would have run for president yourself but can't blame you for not doing it. You would have had to explain the time you cheated at marbles in the fifth grade like it was Watergate.

There is no father to his style. Ol Dirty Bastard past away Saturday evening in the studio. As much as I am sad by this, it really doesn't surprise me. Dirty lived on the edge. I will be playing Wu Tang material all week.

Notes from THE WIRE: Why did Stringer tell Avon he killed DeAngelo in prison. He either has got to trust him a whole lot, or is playing to kill Avon and his sister too. That took allot of balls on his part. I wouldn't have done it. This has got to be the most realistic crime show ever because nothing changes by arresting somebody or one person dying. That's how it is in the ghetto for real. When one person goes away another steps up to take his place.

If you would have told me before the season started that the Saints would get blown out by Arizona and San Diego and beat Oakland and Kansas City I would have said you were crazy. I now know absolutely nothing about the NFL anymore.

Finally for now.............I hope I didn't sound too ungrateful about my raise last Friday. Anytime someone thinks enough of you to give you more money it's a good thing. I was comparing my wage to the rest of the office and my old wage and that is always going to make it look bad

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