Monday, December 10, 2007

A Superstar Rebuilds The Hood

While Avery Alexander, A P Tureaud and Morris F.X. Jeff roll over in their graves.

While local black politicians fight to keep their reputations and try to hide from Jim Letten.

While “black leaders” all over the country sit by their television and wait for the next Don Imus or Jena Six to jump off.

Guess who’s down here on the ground actually helping poor black people rebuild their homes?

The guy in the picture up there.

I’m not sure if I agree with the color choice for the exhibit
but I appreciate the fact that he has spent so much time trying to turn attention to the issues of the people in the Lower Ninth Ward. Those pink blocks are an eye opener at night. Before Katrina he probably didn’t know it existed. It's something to ride to the Lower Nine on a Tuesday afternoon and see Brad Pitt just walking around the hood with work clothes on. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but every time I saw a group of volunteers cleaning, gutting, and rebuilding houses it’s been a group of white college kids and religious groups on a vacation or school trip. I am still waiting for the Rainbow Coalition or the full gospel bus full of brothers and sisters in work clothes to come drive a few nails. I guess they will be back next Katrina anniversary to help us sing.

Brad Pitt is now an honorary resident of the C.T.C. We need to get him a t-shirt made or something.

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Anonymous said...

Never been a big fan. I'm a big convert. This guy just has the biggest heart, and he just seems to feel natural rolling with it. Lucky he has the financial wherewithall to make it happen -- but if only everyone who could do something like this pitched in, the New Orleans recovery wouldn't be an issue. Check out the interview with him on Charlie Rose this past Monday if you haven't seen it.