Monday, December 17, 2007

Sittin On My Porch - Part III

This is one of those periods of time when I feel like heading down to the Ninth Ward and sitting on somebody's porch...but no one is down there. This post may suck.

You have to love the holiday season. It's the time of year when parents spend way too much money on things their kids don't need or won't play with more than a week. I still contend these kids would be happy with a ball, a stick and a box. We could put all that money to their college educations. When I was growing up, my favorite toy was a homemade skate mobile. All you needed was two old 2x4's and a pair of old skates. I got stuff for Christmas but by the first week of the new year it was all boring or broke............

Isn't it amusing that parents always talk like this when spending their money? If my parents wouldn't have bought the Atari 2600 when it first came out I would have ran away from home for a few hours.

It's time for all stories blaming Barry Bonds for the destruction of baseball to cease and desist. After the Mitchell Report was released, I think it's fair to say that Barry Bonds would have had to take something just to keep up with the rest of the drug addicts. That includes Roger Clemens. I am sure he is going to take a nice vacation and the media is going to let it blow over.

The tearing down of the housing projects in New Orleans has started. I won't call the decision to do this racist yet. I won't call Alphonso Jackson an uncle tom and a George Bush flunky yet. I won't accuse the elite of all colors of this city of running out poor people yet. I won't even question the thinking about some middle class black people here of thinking this is a good idea even though they are one or two missed paychecks from needing help their damn selves yet. If a year goes by and all of those spots are empty lots. I will call out all of the people I just named. I hope the poor of the city will look at this in another way and realize that the truth of the matter is no one is responsible for your well being more than you. I know you want to come home. If you really want to come home and make sure you stay, get your stuff together and make sure you can afford to live independently. If that levee breaks again the government won't put another dime into public housing.

My choices for president were narrowed down by one with Hillary Clinton played the cocaine dealer card on Barak Obama. It would be a pitiful shame if she received any black votes after that no matter how cool black people think her husband is. To me this is unforgivable. It was bad enough that they made fun of his kindergarten paper like a young brother can't dream big. The only way I will vote for Hillary is if she is running against Mitt Romney. Let's face it, if Mormons were running the country we would just be at the Jim Crow stage as a people. He has a right to run, I just can't vote for him.

It's been a few months now and the only person that has went to jail in this corruption crackdown so far is Oliver Thomas. If Jim Letten doesn't get a few more names for a lot more money, the racial divide is going to get wider and wider in this city. You have to get someone else for more money. It would also help to get a caucasian or two so it doesn't look slanted. There many people on edge because it looks like a big plan being implemented to keep people away and take back certain power.

Finally, I know I am a week late on this. Last week when the Saints played the Falcons on Monday night, I couldn't help but notice some of the players on the Falcons team with the number 7 on their face paint and on their t-shirts. It made me wonder where was all this love a few years ago when one of them could have pulled him to the side and told him to get rid of all that stuff before he destroyed everything he worked for. Apparently hood love only kicks in after the person has made a shamble out of everything.


mominem said...

Tonight I saw a bunch of Falcons, including Joe Horn, got hit with fines for uniform violations, for sporting Mike Vick paraphernalia.

Leigh C. said...

THAT'S what was missing on all the pink houses Brad Pitt is assembling in the Ninth Ward - porches!

Anonymous said...

No, Leigh, there are porches -- albeit, not as we recognize them in New Orleans. View the designs online at The designs were developed, at least according to Pitt, with input from residents.

Clifton said...

The display actually looks better during the day. I didn't realize how dark pink looks at night.