Monday, November 26, 2007

In Search Of Inspiration

I'm having major issues. I am in serious need of some inspiration. The news is just too damn depressing to want to write about. Jackie Clarkson got re-elected. The local media celebrated the majority white city council so much that as a black man I started to feel played. Former Councilman Oliver Thomas got sentenced to three years in prison because he didn't want to rat on anybody. He's either been listening to too much rap music or the political scene in New Orleans is just like the mafia. Nooses have been popping up all over the country and I just know one of these instances is going to lead to a scene that is going to make the Jena 6 case look like child's play. By the way, anyone who gets the beat down behind a noose deserves it. Who in the hell wants to talk about all this negative stuff? I need something to get me going.

I'm trying to stay out of the gentlemen's club because it's too close to Christmas and the iron in my blood is too low so I can't sell it to make up for the lost money. I was going to buy me some property today but when I went to the New Orleans Tax Sale website and noticed that 70% of the property was from the Lower Ninth Ward I got pissed and made some anonymous calls to city hall cussing out whoever answered the phone. I know the sale is legal in all but how about a little understanding of the situation. Isn't that like the city of New York sending someone who was parked in front of the World Trade Center a bill for an unpaid parking ticket? Maybe it's just me. It was too close to the third straight holiday without the Lower Nine in full bloom to see that junk.

I bought a book by Juan Williams that is so hard to read I feel confused when I try to get through a few pages. I even want to buy a Wii game but I have talked so much trash about men over 30 being obsessed with video games that my hypocrisy won't let me fully enjoy RAW vs. Smackdown 2008. You can actually stand up and do wrestling moves. If this would have been out when I was younger my entire teenage life would have been different. Every time the commercial comes on I get more and more drawn in. At least if the Saints were in first place I would feel a little energized. Well, at least my fried turkey didn’t burn and the doctor side my cholesterol was only borderline high. Nobody wants to hear about that junk.

If anybody out there has something to inspire me please let me know.

I got a little inspiration……………..Breez won a car. They should have given you some rims.


Clay said...

One thing I noticed is a lot of those properties hadn't paid their property taxes since before the storm.

It looks like these homes were abandoned before Katrina and now they're finally getting around to selling them.

Clifton said...


You are correct. It was just too close to the holidays for me. I haven't gotten to that stage yet of looking at things without the bitterness.

Leigh C. said...

That does it. I'm getting you the Barry Bonds t-shirt for Christmas.

"99 Problems...But A Pitch Ain't One"

mominem said...

You got someone to answer at city hall? I have called several time over the last month or so an no one answered.

You might buy a lottery ticket with luck like that.

Anonymous said...

Juan Williams--no wonder you're distraught.

Breez said...

Well, I don't know if this is "inspiring," but it will inspire a laugh.

Juan Williams + Dave Chappelle as the white newscaster = Separated at Birth.

And thank you for the good vibes. I picked it up yesterday and I'm feeling like a million bucks! HYUNDAIS ON 22s!!!