Tuesday, September 4, 2007

50.00 Fine If I Can See Your BVD's

New Orleans hijacked my blog for two whole weeks. Now I want to get into something more national. I am a week behind on this so forgive me.

I want to make a few things clear first.

1. I can’t stand white tees and pants hanging down to someone's knees. I am tired of looking at a man’s drawers that’s not my brothers or my dad ( I hope everyone knew what I meant by that).

2. I think it’s tacky, looks sloppy and I don’t know why you would want to walk around looking like you have to go to the bathroom and holding your crotch all day.

3. I also can’t believe that with all the creativity we have as a people we have gotten this lazy when it comes to fashion. We went from Cross Colours and FUBU to a plain white t-shirt like my grandpa use to wear to bed and prison pants. Brothers used to like to look clean!!! Karl Kani is probably working at a gas station.

4. Plus, I am getting tired of not having anything in my size when I go to the store because some kid who should be in a medium has bought all the 3X sizes out of big and tall. Everything they leave behind is ugly or looks like something an old dude wears to play bingo (no disrespect to old dudes or bingo).

But do we really need laws against it?

Don’t young brothers have enough reasons for the police to pull them over already? Do we really want to make bad fashion sense a reason to go to court? What if I am running late and forget my belt one day? People spend too much time in court for foolishness. If you don’t believe me, go down to traffic court and see all the working people in there fighting every ticket imaginable and losing a day’s work. I also find it funny that Atlanta wants to pass this law considering they have the greatest strip clubs in the world especially for brothers. Let’s keep it real. Going to Atlanta and not visiting the Blue Flame is like going to Orlando and not visiting Disney. You just don't get the full city experience if you don't. Now, if you really want to give people citations for bad fashion, I am all for a law banning anyone from wearing those ridiculous 1960 sunshades that cover your whole damn face that everybody seems to think looks good on them. I think wearing those should cost you 40 hours of community service because I have yet to see anyone make those things look cute.


Anonymous said...

So Atlanta's trying to get on the anti-panty bandwagon? I knew about all these embarrassing efforts in Louisiana, but I didn't know about ATL. I really have to agree with you that try to put this into law is ridiculous.

Another Conflict Theorist said...

Peace Cliff,

As always, I can count on you for some classic shit..

"Karl Kani is probably working at a gas station" is simply inspired. "Kani top off your tank, sir?"

Just so you know, a lot of us 30 and older brothers are still holding it down, despite the heat.