Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thoughts From a Bad Work Day

This blog is dedicated to Tracee Ellis Ross……………just because I felt like looking up her picture.

I spent way too much time on that Duke Lacrosse thing yesterday. The truth is that other than the time it gets on the news I don't even follow it that closely. Judging from the comments I got, I think we might have a Rodney King verdict type of riot on our hands if one of them gets convicted.

What in the hell can 6000 troops to do when someone crosses the border
illegally besides shooting them? I hope know one gets hurt. Who knows, they
may end up shooting some of those crazy ass Minutemen. Somewhere on a reservation or at a casino some Native Americans are thinking they should have done the same thing to the Quakers back in the day.

One day a week trash collection in New Orleans is to rats what a free lap dance sign is to men. They are coming from all over by the dozen.

I would be lying if I said that the start of hurricane season doesn't
scare the shit out of me.

The only time I get pissed at national shows that talk about New
Orleans is when they act like any other city would have been able to rebound from massive flooding and being out of business for a month without any problems. It almost makes me wish something happens to another entire city just for the satisfaction of watching their asses casualties of course.

You are not supposed to wish that a bad thing would happen. I need some therapy.

If being stuck in 10 ft of flooding together for a week without food and water can't stop young brothers from killing one another then nothing

Remember when you could listen to black radio and they actually played more than ten songs. It’s funny when they say “up next by request we have Mariah Carey’s new song” and it just went off 10 minutes before.

What are these rappers doing messing with Oprah when she can shut everything down? I like Ludacris but I don’t think you want to start that battle. She ain’t no T.I. She got enough money to buy the record company and fire his ass.

With all the angry negro talk I read on blogs everyday, how long before the government starts monitoring our entries for hints of revolution? They might already be doing it……………I didn’t mean that guys.

Public Service Announcement from my roommate Ced: If your stomach sticks out further than your breast you are not supposed to wear a skin tight shirt. I have nothing to add to that.

I learned a valuable lesson today: It is never good to tell your middle
Aged caucasion co workers that your day is going so bad that you are ready to get yours the "the ski mask way like Biggie". Trust me, they won't get the reference or the joke.

Final Thought: After the last few weeks of watching the New Orleans elections take shape, I have come to the conclusion that black people don't vote simply because none of the candidates inspire them. I have an idea to get us out to the poll. Under all the names of the candidates, there needs to be a special button labeled "None of these Mother F#$@ers". Turnout for everybody would increase by 75%.

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