Friday, May 5, 2006

Being Real From A Cliff Perspective

My name is Clifton. Sometimes, I am very indecisive. I like to drink allot and eat lots of red meat. I often make plans that I really don't want to keep and end up canceling on people. I go to work everyday but I procrastinate to the last minute. I never balance my checkbook. I tend to be very emotional and sentimental about allot of things. I have a strange fascination with hoochie mamas and exotic dancers but I really don't have the nerve to talk to them. I could go on and on about myself but I won't. I have dozens of good qualities to go with this stuff but that’s not the point. The point is that everything in this paragraph is real and honest.

As I get older the one thing that totally aggravates me is people who talk a good holy and moral game towards other people and are really more screwed up than everybody. We all know somebody like this. There's always that one guy who wants to quote to you his favorite passage from the bible whenever you do or say something he doesn't approve of but he has a 200 DVD porn collection on his dresser or that girl who keeps the gospel station on in her car but can't keep her clothes on for anybody. I don't pass judgment on people. We are all human. Things happen to you sometimes and it makes you question and wonder about why it did. I am not inside anyone else's head to know what's going on so I can't tell them not be hurt, angry, bitter or depressed. I may not have the same feelings but I can't tell you it's wrong to have them.

Every now and then I will post a blog and get a comment in my email full of all these reasons why I am not supposed to feel or think a certain way. Some of these people have blogs too. I go to their page and it's full of all kinds of nasty ass poems, naked pictures, and some of the most incoherent and childish thoughts I have ever seen. Just this morning I was checking out something from a person that I read all the time and someone made some comments about the person. I went to the page of the person who made the comment and the first thing I see is a story about his balls? See, it's people like that who usually are not stable and confused. They spend so much time trying to be what they think people will feel is righteous and telling everyone else how to feel that they haven’t' taken a fair assessment of who they are. We all have a little contradiction in us just from living in this frustrating world. There are things you see that are the total opposite of everything you were raised to believe. Then you get older and go out into the world full of positive outlook. Sometimes you end up in a situation that you never pictured yourself being involved in. That’s doesn’t make you a bad person. It just makes you human. This message is for all the folks that sit around and throw stones in their glass houses. Stop acting like you got it all figured out because you don't. It's pointless to tell someone how he or she should feel about his or her own life when yours isn't straight. Plus, you guys are missing all of the fun of finding people just as messed up as you and having a good time.


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Another Conflict Theorist said...

No BS. I worked with a cat who asked me if I attended an area church. I told the brother, "no." He asked me why and I said that I was pretty much agnostic. He literally looked at me and shook his head. I said, "What?!?" He told me that he felt sorry for me because I was probably going to hell.

Funny thing is, this dude has TWO families. One doesn't know about the other.