Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ten People I Want to Have a Conversation With

1. Cornell West
2. Chuck D
3. Lauryn Hill
4. Condeleeza Rice
5. Colin Powell
6. Stevie Wonder
7. Bill Clinton
8. Jill Scott
9. Dave Chapelle
10. Angela Davis

Five people I wouldn't mind fighting

1. Paul Wall
2. Nick Cannon
3. Dick Cheney
4. Sean Hannity
5. The Corp of Engineers Levee Designer

1 comment:

Another Conflict Theorist said...

Yo! I wanna whoop Jesse Lee Peterson's ASS.

Would LOVE to have a conversation with Fidel.

Spoke to the God, Cornell West, about ten years and two weeks ago. Dude gave me five dollars. True story.

Notice how I started out with who I would fight then moved on to building. Why cats gotta be so violent?